When Tigers Fight This interview was done short time before the band released their new album "Ghost Story" together with guitarist Jonathan and vocalist Mike DC.
So for everyone new to your band. When was the idea born to do When Tigers Fight? And who was and is now involved?
Jonathan: WTF was started as a recording project between Jarrod and I. We meet through a Promise/ Suicide File tour, hit it off and the WTF ep is the outcome. For years I wanted to eventually do a project with Mike also, so he was perfect for it. Ken worked on the vocals with mike and recorded it, he seemed pretty impressed about the project, so naturally I offered the spot on guitar to him. Our bassist Scott was hooked up through Ken.

When and why did you decide to do it as a real band and not just a studio project?
Jonathan: At this time we still haven¿t played our first show, so it's pretty cool that the project has received this much reconition with out doing so. Were gonna start playing out this summer, so were pretty ecited about that. Mike DC: I just quit my job so I hope to be able to start playing shows more regularly. Ken owns a studio, Scott is a tour manager for Hawthorne Heights and Jonathon is busy baking bread. That in addition to the distance between everyone makes it hard. But it will come together.

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