Well, I really didn't want to write something like a policy for promotional copies but in the last months I thought about this topic and brought myself to the final conclusion that we need a "Promo Policy". Due to the lack of time of Dominik and myself we aren't able to review all records we receive. Categorizing and prioritizing was always a hard thing because we never wanted to discriminate someone, nevertheless a lot of good records remain unheard.

1. Full CDs
No mp3s, no samples, no 2-song advance CDs. If you want a review we require the full CD with artwork and lyrics. If you can't provide the artwork because of expensive digipak pressing (which we do understand) we appreciate lyric sheets and prints of the artwork.

2. No "No-CD"
These kind of CDs won't get a review: Records where the single songs are splitted into like 50 tracks. Records with audio marks. CDs that don't play properly on a computer.

3. Conclusion
This doesn't mean you shouldn't send cardbox promos because we appreciate to check out new stuff but we can't guarantee a review. These means full CDs with artwork and lyrics will be reviewed faster than the rest.

If you want to send us promos / information / whatever, send it to the following address:

po box 1103
D-63881 miltenberg

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